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    Default Any Lodges in Namibia?

    I've been on safari there once, strickly a hunting trip. Next time I'd like to visit a Lodge.

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    Default Re: Any Lodges in Namibia?

    Quote Originally Posted by robert leachman View Post
    I've been on safari there once, strictly a hunting trip. Next time I'd like to visit a Lodge.
    The subject of Lodge recognition seems to be very popular these last few days. I will be happy to look it up for you, can you be more specific? Country, City, etc.?

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    Namibia is an independent nation on the border of South Africa. While there are recognized Lodges in South Africa, Namibia does not appear to either have Lodges or does not have any Lodges recognized according to my 2008 copy of "List of Lodges Masonic".

    I hope this helps.
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    Default Re: Any Lodges in Namibia?

    From the United Grand Lodge of England web site:Namibia
    District Grand Lodge of Namibia

    District Grand Master
    Michael Andrew Roberts

    District Grand Secretary
    John D. Mandy

    PO Box 774

    Tel: 61 227647
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    Yes, they are friendly. Work is a little different. It is more like what you would see in England.

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    Default Re: Any Lodges in Namibia?

    There are 3 Lodges chartered by the Grand Lodge of Scotland in Windhoek. They are Dunedin Star #1454, Zum Kreuz des Sudens #1613, & Benguela #1616. In addition, UGLE Lodges include Etosha #7148 in Otjiwarango, Optima #7380 in Oranjemund, and Damaraland #4758 & Omutena #7376 in Windhoek. Hope this helps.
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