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Thread: Tyler's Oath

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bro. Stewart View Post
    This was very much the same for me the first few times that I visited Lodges in LA. Although the Tyler's Oath is very similar to that version taught us in TX, it still seemed odd placing my hand on the "good book" while doing it.

    I think that it is important to point out that not only was I asked to recite the TO, I was also asked for the grip and word of a Master Mason... After I was fully vouched for, I learned that the Brother who examined me directly was the current GM of LA. I was pretty impressed!!!
    What I didn't mention in my earlier comment is that while walking the sword, one gives step, due-guard, sign(s) and password(s) for each degree [EA-FC-MM]; and that [PHA jurisdictions that teach this] only a Master Mason is taught the Tyler's Oath and able to give it in such a manner.

    This reason would preclude needing to be asked for anything [other than current dues card] as needed info would have been given during the process of "walking the sword".

    Similiar to the "mouth to ear" requirement, learning to walk the sword is taught to an individual MM by one able to instruct him in how to properly do it or receive it from another, so I wouldn't do justice attempting to explain it in words.

    What I have also noticed is that it isn't being taught, nor required as much as it previously was. This is another indicator of my status as a "dinosaur" and my age beginning to show and becoming visible to myself.

    Raymond Sean Walters

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    But without the dinosaur sir much would not be known


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