A Joyful And Talented Installation

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    One of my mottos throughout my Masonic career has been that "We Need To Celebrate Our Freemasonry." When we do that we inspire ourselves to greater heights and maybe touch a few non Masons along the way.

    How do you celebrate Freemasonry? Well you do it up proud and as big as you can make it.

    A good example is the Master Mason Degree held on the aircraft carrier the USS Lexington. Another would be Texas Masonicon.

    On a smaller scale I offer you the Installation of Worshipful Michael Cote as Master of Stockyard Lodge No 1244. He put together the full package. I am happy to report on this joyous occasion:


    If you are having a fund raiser for scholarships or just a Lodge BBQ, why not ask Wor. Cote to come perform for you?

    Brother Frederic L. Milliken
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