A Rose Upon The Altar

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    Please join us March 27th for a wonderful Masonic Play.

    Plano Lodge No. 768 is proud to present to all Masonic Brethren and the public, "A Rose Upon the Altar." This masonic play was written in 1937 by Brother Carl H. Claudy in New York. Carl Claudy was a photographer, play write, author, essayist, and journalist for the New York Herald. He was also the Grand Master of the District of Columbia in 1943. He wrote numerous Masonic plays to be performed in lodges throughout the world. Plano Lodge is proud to offer a modern version of Brother Claudy's play. "A Rose Upon the Altar" is a story of love, faith, and charity in a stressful and tumultuous time in a Masonic lodge. Through humor, thought provoking situations, and humble reflection, the play emulates issues that many people face throughout their lives and its morals can be understood by all who attend. Dinner will follow the presentation so all can enjoy good conversation and fellowship. We hope to see you there.
    WED, MAR 27, 2019 AT 7 PM
    A Rose Upon the Altar - A Masonic Play in Two Acts
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    Sounds great Brother!
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    Squire Bentley will once again be playing Squire Bentley:)
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