Alamo 44's Annual Master Mason's Lodge in the Alamo

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  1. Bro_Vick

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    If you are in the area, consider going to this event, it is well worth the time. Opening a Master Masons lodge in the Alamo is a sight to behold!

    Alamo Masonic Lodge No. 44's
    Annual Master Mason's Lodge in the Alamo
    [The evening will consist of two simultaneous events followed by dinner.]
    Please join us on Friday Evening, December 14, 2012 for Alamo Lodge No. 44's annual Called Lodge Meeting in The Alamo, "The Shrine of Texas Liberty."
    1. We will open a Master Masons Lodge for the official visit of the Grand Master of Masons in Texas
    2. Alamo 44 is also hosting an Educational & Entertainment event for guests who are not Master Masons
    =>This event is open to:
    The Ladies, Guests, and all Entered Apprentice & Fellow Craft Masons.
    The event will take place next door in Alamo Hall (Behind the Alamo) at the same time as our lodge meeting, and will consist of guest speakers, music and refreshments.
    [Schedule of Events:]
    6:00 PM - CHECK-IN/SIGN-IN for Masons and guests at the Scottish Rite Library & Museum (in the Ladies Parlor)
    6:40 PM - Procession to the Alamo (& Alamo Hall)
    6:50 PM - Doors open for seating for the evening's events
    7:00 PM
    - A Master Mason’s Lodge will be opened in The Alamo.
    - The Educational & Entertainment Social event will commence in Alamo Hall.
    8:30 PM (or immediately after the evenings Alamo Events):
    - A FREE Tex-Mex dinner - Open to all our Masons, visitors and guests!
    Dinner will be served in the Ladies Parlor at the Scottish Rite Library & Museum
    =>This location may change to the main dining hall downstairs depending on turnout
    Menu: Buffet style w/ limited self-serve
    - Tamales, crispy beef tacos, rice and refried beans
    - Chips & Salsa
    - Coffee and Tea
    - Cake
    We are honored to be your hosts for this unique Alamo Masonic Lodge No. 44 event!
    Sincerely & Fraternally Yours,

    Gregory D. Wright
    Worshipful Master,
    Alamo Masonic Lodge No. 44, A.F. & A.M.

    The Scottish Rite Library & Museum
    308 Avenue E @ 4th St.
    San Antonio, TX 78205
    Lodge Phone: (210)225-7072
  2. Brent Heilman

    Brent Heilman Premium Member

    I really wish I could be there for that. I was planning on making the trip and spending my wedding anniversary down there, but alas plans have changed and yet again this year I will not be able to make it. Like I said last year I will be there next year.
  3. BroBill

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    I'd normally be there Bro Vick but I'm scheduled for a procedure that day for my back. Enjoy the event though, it's going to be a great affair!
  4. robert leachman

    robert leachman Registered User

    Bro' Vick,

    Won't be able to make it due to the short notice.

    Sound like a great time!

    How early is the date set for this next year? A lot if us work weekends and odd hours and miss a whole lot if these special programs as we have to schedule being off sometimes several months if not a while year in advance!
  5. Bro_Vick

    Bro_Vick Moderator Premium Member

    It has always been the second Friday of December as long as I have been a Mason (2007), so that is usually a good time to plan for it.

    -Bro Vick
  6. Blake Bowden

    Blake Bowden Administrator Staff Member


    Be there Brethren!
  7. Benjamin Baxter

    Benjamin Baxter Moderator Staff Member

    This is definitely on my Masonic bucket list.
  8. scialytic

    scialytic Premium Member

    I'll get more info from you all at Crickets Friday night. I probably need to make this happen!
  9. Bro_Vick

    Bro_Vick Moderator Premium Member

    If you are planning on attending this and would like to meet up, please PM me and I will be happy to set something up. It will be really neat to sit in the Alamo again!

    -Bro Vick
  10. Txmason

    Txmason Registered User

    Anyone from The Woodlands/Spring/Montgomery area going?I live in Walden on Lake Conroe

    If so PM I've never been and would love to go!

    Bro. Jerry Johnston
  11. Bro_Vick

    Bro_Vick Moderator Premium Member

    As a follow-up to this, the event was very well put together. WM Greg Wright and his line-up did an excellent job in putting together an impressive and well organized program. Some years when we walk from the SR Cathedral to the Alamo, it is more of a gaggle, this time it really made an impact to the locals (really tourists, but hey) when a large group of Masons in aprons walked into Alamo @ 1900.

    So a big thank you to WM Greg Wright and his line-up for an excellent experience!

    -Bro Vick

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