Are you the First Mason in your family?

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Are you the first Mason in your family

  1. I'm the first!

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  2. I'm not the first! There have been others...

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  3. I thought I was the first but later found out there were others...

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  4. I'm not a mason yet, but I'm working on it!

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  1. Registered User

    Im the first of my familly but my sons are already interested. Of course they will have to wait untill they are ready for the light!
  2. kwilbourn

    kwilbourn Registered User

    Very cool thread. I hope to become the first Mason in my family in several generations. My great grandfather (paternal) was the 1st Worshipful Master of Melrose #1294 in Houston. I would be the first in my family since his passing in 1951. In fact, it was reading about him in my grandfather's memoir that originally sparked my interests in Masonry.
  3. adouglas10

    adouglas10 Registered User

    I am the very first in my family
  4. Thestoat

    Thestoat Guest

    Hi There

    Interesting names, I'm in England and no im not the first freemason in my family, but due to war, peoples death when I was young, it wasn't until I found my great grandfathers stuff that I started to find out and then become an entered apprentice.

    It sounds like your having the same sort of journey as me, your ancestors originally would have come from near where I live now, my family have been around the area since 1535, and there's rumor of us going back to early 1300, I'm doing a history of it all, as every one of them were connected to freemasonry, and I have the proof.

    I told a guy already though that I would need to check at lodge before putting all the details out, they have told me to be cautious.

    And with the history I would put the pictures of the swords and stuff also if I'm allowed to.

    I went to school with a chap last name Boyd, he definitely had ancestors emigrate to the new world, so I might tell him about you, he's a farmer near otley.

    I'm over in England, so for me it's all been about over here, but I know there's lost family in America, last name of Pope, they went out from littleport and wisbeach in Cambridgeshire, so if you see them, tell them how to find me, as everyone else has gone now, and it's just me, and my brother left.

    Take care, and I know exactly where your coming from in the exciting thing of tracing people back and finding out where you came from.
  5. david918

    david918 Premium Member

    Dad, both grandfathers,both great grandfathers,5 uncles were masons as well as numerous 1st cousins.My brother is one also and my son just turned in his EA work last week.Both grandmothers,mom,3 aunts members of OES as well as my ex wife and my 3 daughters.I guess you could say I come from a masonic family. Lol.
  6. Stancira

    Stancira Registered User

    First in my family, Whoop !
  7. MikeMay

    MikeMay Premium Member

    Yes, I would say you do come from a Masonic family! Congrats on your son turning in his EA work!
  8. RichardRLJ

    RichardRLJ Premium Member

    My dad and both grandfathers were masons. When I got my MM degree, one of my grandfathers sat in the East, and two uncles and my dad also participated in the degrees. My mother was a past Worthy Matron, and a 50 year Eastern Star! I have been blessed with exposure to Masonry, and wanted to be a member from an early age!
  9. Brent Heilman

    Brent Heilman Premium Member

    It is hard for me to say. As far as I know I am the first. My mom was adopted so I have no real history on that side of the family in the recent past. I do know that that side of the family is descended from the Stewart Clan of Scotland. My uncle has done a fair bit of research taking the family all the way back to Robert the Bruce who was rumored to be one. I am sure that there has been at least one on that side side of the family. My dad's side there is none. My wife's dad was a Mason but he passed from this life while she was still a teenager. I am thrilled though that as I start my journey (became an EA on March 10) that when I am finally raised it will be his ring that I will proudly wear in his memory.
  10. Randy Allen Thomas

    Randy Allen Thomas Registered User

    I am the first in several generations. The last known Masons in my family date back to my great great grandfather and his brothers. There were more before them. I found out that I only have one distant cousin still living that is a Master Mason. Speaking of my past generations, they were very prominate figures in Cedar Bayou lodge (Baytown, TX). One of which served 4 times as WM in the late 1800's. I hope to be the first of many to come... As I am about to be raised next week I'm sure I will find out more of my familys history including the confirmation on whether or not my my 4x great grandfather Dr. Ashbel Smith, founder of UTMB Galveston, Statesman, Ambassidor to France, good friend of Gen. Sam Houston and civil war veteran), was a mason. I have been told by others that he was, but my family has no record of it.
  11. Marc_Chastain

    Marc_Chastain Premium Member

    My interest in Masonry is because of my paternal grandfather. He was a Mason and my grandmother was Eastern Star. He always was wearing a ring or lapel pin and had little trinkets around the house. He never explained any of it to me, but left it out in front of me like a puzzle I could not get enough of. His brother is also a mason and becoming more active as I can drive him to lodge. My wife’s maternal grandfather also was a mason. That part of her family was very active in Masonry and Eastern Star. My wife got real excited when I finally decided to petition and join. As a work my way through the degrees, and law school, I am also trying to gather up the trinkets and evidences that marked their involvement in the fraternity.
    Oh, and I have a cousin in Gonzales, who is a mason.
  12. Blake Bowden

    Blake Bowden Administrator Staff Member

    Awesome story! Btw welcome to the site Cuz!! ;) You petitioned??? That's awesome!!!!!!
  13. dpteskeys

    dpteskeys Registered User

    My Masonic family goes back 8 generations all the way to the Revolution. I do have copies of there Masonic history from the Grand Lodge of Georgia
  14. S.Courtemanche

    S.Courtemanche Premium Member

    As far as I know, I am the first.
  15. Jacob Johnson

    Jacob Johnson Registered User

    My paternal Grandfater, my father, and my great uncle came before me, but there could easily have been more that I just don't know of.
  16. flttrainer

    flttrainer Premium Member

    As far as I know I'm the first. My father in law was a mason but I never met him before his death.

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  17. Tony Siciliano

    Tony Siciliano Premium Member


    Wow - what a coincidence. I recently discovered that my 5x great-grand father was a Captain in the Maryland militia at Valley Forge.

    As far as I can tell, I'm the first Mason on either side of my families. However, I only dicovered my mother's line last week, so I don't know...
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  18. 8thGenerationTexan

    8thGenerationTexan Registered User

    I like this poll and if any of you brothers get bored out there check out my blog... and share your story
  19. Michael Hatley

    Michael Hatley Premium Member

    As far as I know I'm the first in my family on either side. My knowledge of my lines is pretty minimal though beyond around 3 generations back. It would be awesome to discover one day that an ancestor had come before.
  20. Txmason

    Txmason Registered User

    My grandfather and uncle on my moms side were masons. (my mons dad and his brother) were raised Dec 2,1941. I am the first mason in my family. Hopefully there will be many more some day!

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