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    Battlefield LIVE Round Rock is a local, independently owned business providing a fun, team-based game that utilizes infra-red/radio frequency technology. It is what we like to call "live-action gaming", "tactical laser tag" or "combat sports" and is very similar to a computer or console game but there is no paint, no mess, and no projectiles, so you can be sure that the players are safe. The game system has been built around safe, robust and reliable high-tech infrared technology. These tactical units shoot an invisible & harmless beam that is eye safe.

    Our games have been influenced by military training scenarios and modern computer games. These scenarios provide the opportunity for teammates to overcome adversity together, and gain greater understanding of team cohesion and the value of communication. The technology has been time tested by thousands of players worldwide. Our gaming units vary in size, weight, ammo allowance and range of effect. The sound effects are realistic, so you know when you have been "disabled" and the software in our system ensures no cheating is possible!

    Many of our scenarios are designed to encourage boys, girls, men and women to work together as a team. They promote camaraderie and confidence with a focus on leadership and communication. Missions vary from Domination, a "King of the Hill" variation, to more challenging scenarios similar to "Capture the Flag" or "Protect the Leader". This means we have everything from beginning, intermediate and advanced scenarios. We can even customize a scenario or combine scenarios to suit your needs.

    Having an 1800's Post-Apocalyptic Zombie or some wild off-world or alternate universe theme party? Pick one of our standard themes Sci-Fi, Post-Apocalyptic, Near Future, Modern Military, Zombie and the good ol' Classic Style or we'll integrate into your theme. The only limit is your imagination!

    We provide mobile service or you can come to our field location with many gaming environments to choose from, you'll be immersed in a realistic video game-like world complete with respawns, ammo resupply, health kits and even mine simulators for that special touch for your opponents! This is NOT your kids laser tag, but do offer something for everyone from 8 to 80!

    Check out our website to learn more about this exciting new format for live action gaming. Contact Us today and reserve your next private party, corporate retreat/event/team-building, or organization fundraiser. Use the discount code 'MASON' and get 15% off our Field Base Package.

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