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Been outta the loop


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Very hard to stay active while on on active duty, especially for extremely active MOSs and during war. I could not, in most cases visit local lodges due the nature of my TDY. Either TDY some where, fleet deployments, or combat. I did manage a few OCONUS lodge visits but they were rare. I did, once while TDY to a long school get to visit a lodge in Williamsburg, VA. (I found many of the cadre and instructors were members) Did I feel stupid when examined. I could not remember the details, I had a valid dues cared, knew the correct degree stuff. One of my instructors told the lodge he had tested me on base and I was OK, that due to the job, I rarely had the time to attend lodge and keep proficient. Welcome back and DON'T EVER FEEL YOU HAVE BEEN WAY TOO LONG!