Brill, handbock of masonry.

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    "Freemasonry is the largest, oldest, and most influential secret society in the world. The Brill Handbook of Freemasonry is a pioneering work that brings together, for the first time, leading scholars on Freemasonry. The first section covers historical perspectives, such as the origins and early history of Freemasonry. The second deals with the relationship between Freemasonry and specific religious traditions such as the Catholic Church, Judaism, and Islam. In the third section, organisational themes, such as the use of rituals, are explored, while the fourth section deals with issues related to society and politics - women, blacks, colonialism, nationalism, and war. The fifth and final section is devoted to Freemasonry and culture, including music, literature, modern art, architecture and material culture."

    Both of the Authors are professors wich have by their own produced a lot of intressting writings on western esoterism, rituals etc.
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    Thank you for suggesting this.

    Though I subscribe to a number of newsletters from Brill, I was unaware of this offering. I will add this to my wish list so that it may be added to my personal library.
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    You are welcome.
    I enjoy professor Bogdans work so thats the basic reason I know about this.
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    I'll have to check this out. Thanks Elexir.

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