Bro. John S. Nagy's Building Better Builders Workshop

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    We at Kelly Lodge #1131 in San Antonio are having Bro. John S. Nagy conduct his Building Better Builders Workshop on October 27. I would like to invite you to come.

    Tickets are $20. It includes the workshop, light breakfast, and lunch.

    Begins at 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
    Kelly Lodge #1131 (behind the Alzafar Shrine Auditorium) in San Antonio

    It is open to Master Masons only.
    Tickets can be purchased by contacting me at

    Jason S. West
    Kelly Lodge #1131 AF&AM
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    If you want to transform for the Better your understanding and experience of Freemasonry, its Rituals and Lectures, this is a Workshop that you'll want to attend. In it I cover the differences between Freemason and Masonic Education, the actual Work that Ritual and Lectures points toward that Makes Good Men Better, and an overwhelming amount of helpful interconnections within each Degree and between each Degree. You'll want to bring a note pad and take copious notes.

    If you are a Masonic Mentor or Coach, I provide insights into known and a few not-so-known Working Tools that you can skillfully use to coach and mentor our next generation of Masons.

    If you attend, you'll experience some delightful and possibly shocking "AH-HA" moments.


    Coach N
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