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    I have a very dear friend, Mr. Trotter whom is a World War II veteran, mason and Scottish rite mason. Earlier today, he lost his Scottish Rite Ring, after having therapy at the hospital when he went onto the bathroom. It fell off his finer and went down the drain. The hospital said if they found it it would take several hundred dollars to retrieve it or replace pipes. he has had since he and his wife were married over 60 years ago and still going strong at 86 years of age!

    I can not afford a ring to give to him. It was a 32 degree ring with the double headed eagle and a small diamond in the middle. He is a member of the greatest generation, a WWII Vet, whom served on an LST and was escorted to Washington D.C. by a one star general aboard the first Houston's Honor Flight. He is also the recipient of the Golden Trowel Award.

    If any brothers can be of assistance as to where to look or what to do, I would graciously appreciate it.

    Thank you for your time.

    All the Best,
    Jerry Johnston
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    Ebay cheap

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