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    Good luck with that. I dig the new Pope, but his view on Freemasonry remain in line with previous Popes. In regards to homosexuality, Pope Francis stated "Who Am I to Judge" but when questioned about Freemasonry he stated that a "Masonic lobby constituted “the most serious problem” for him.

    That being said, I pay for both of my boys to attend a private catholic school but I have no problem pulling up in my car with S&C plates...
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    Interesting read , as I am a Catholic and a EA Mason

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    I am a life long Catholic and Master Master, Past Master of my lodge, Shriner, York Rite, Scottish Rite, and member of the National Sojourners. It wasn't difficult balancing Freemasonry and Catholicism until a member of the KC went to the parish priest who then proceeded to confront me at every opportunity. Its a long story but I am an active member in my parish, my daughter attends Catholic school, and I contribute regularly to my parish while I am active in the lodge. Oddly not a single donation check has ever been returned to me because of my affiliation.
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    As human beings we always tend to get carried away by the outer form instead of by the essence of something. The core intrinsic value of all of the World's religions is pretty much the same. Although the messages may be delivered in a seemingly different format, if we get past superficialities, their meanings are synonymous. There's no real difference, people create these limitations. That is why the Craft is so Universal, everybody is welcome

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