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Discussion in 'The York Rite' started by tomasball, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. tomasball

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    Anybody belong to a Texas RA Chapter that uses banners? I have never run across any in my travels, which I think is too bad.

    Tom Ball
    PP, Texian Priory KYCH
  2. cambridgemason

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    If you are talking about the RAC banners, we do here in Massachusetts. They are used for the RAC degree for each of the four veils. Ours are about 100+ years old, handpainted on Silk.
  3. chancerobinson

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    I haven't had the opportunity to travel much as of yet, but I would surely enjoy viewing a set of 100+ year old hand painted silk banners with the four camps of the Israelites symbolized thereon. It would be even more interesting to see them currently in use.

    Do other jurisdictions still use the four banners frequently in the Royal Arch degree? And if so are they stationed at each of the veils or in the east? Do any jurisdictions currently use 12 ensigns depicting each of the tribes? Our RAM chapter has some old and tattered veils, but no banners.

    American suppliers currently make new Grand Standards and Beauceants for KT Commanderies. I am curious as to whether one could order the four principal banners of the RA Degree depicting the Man (Reuben), the Lion (Judah), the Ox (Ephraim), and the Eagle (Dan), or if any supplier today will make them for a reasonable rate.
  4. tom268

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    In Germany, we have two sorts of chapters, american-style (York Rite) chapters and UK-style Royal Arch Chapters. The YR chapters use the 4 banners, and the chapter I visited, have quite new ones, the UK-style chapters use the 12 banners, and I don't know how old those were, that I saw, but not older than the 1970's I guess.
  5. chancerobinson

    chancerobinson Registered User

    Interesting. Thanks for the information from Germany. I suspect that if not available stateside new banners might be ordered and shipped from Europe.

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