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    Hello guys. I think that the lodge that I'm in belongs to a Grand Lodge that got it's charter from an irregular lodge. How do I go about removing myself, or how do we as a lodge break away and seek a charter from a recognized Just and Regularly Constituted Lodge? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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  2. dfreybur

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    Start with the recognition lists from the UGLE and in the US the Conference of Grand Masters Prince Hall. Look up the local recognized Grand Lodge(s). The lists work for finding a regular and recognized lodge in your region. Once there they are a starting point for visiting other jurisdictions but you do need to check the list from your own jurisdiction.

    If your own jurisdiction is listed your jurisdiction is no clandestine.

    Contact one of the nearby lodges and explain your situation. Ask for "healing". The process might be as simple as going through your proficiencies or as complex as going through your degrees again.

    If you find your jurisdiction here you know it is clandestine. The list is not exhaustive.
  3. MRichard

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    In the US, if your grand lodge isn't Grand Lodge of (state) or Prince Hall Affiliated, it is likely clandestine.
  4. Mike Martin

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    It may be easier if you tell us the name of the Grand Lodge that your Lodge is under and we can tell you if it is recognised by our Grand Lodges.

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