Conferring Degrees in the York Rite

Discussion in 'The York Rite' started by Ol Kev, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. Ol Kev

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    How does the York Rite confer their degrees?

    Is it that you wait a certain amount of time between degrees and are tested like in the Blue Lodge or is it more like the Scottish Rite where you watch plays?

    How long does it typically take to work through the degrees?
  2. Bro. Stewart P.M.

    Bro. Stewart P.M. Lead Moderator Emeritus Staff Member

    Most York Rite Chapter's / Council's / Commandry's choose to confer the degrees / orders in a festival format within a lodge room. The festival format is very similar to that of the Scottish Rite where most of the ritual is observed from the sideline. There are some local YR bodies who do their own degrees / orders on a one-on-one basis, usually depending on how many active members that they have and their familiarity of the ritual.

    Depending on the festival, the degrees / orders are conferred over a two day period usually conferring the Chapter & Council ritual the first day, and then the Commandry Orders on the second day. I have heard of some one day events, but in my opinion it's WAY too much information to ingest in two days let alone one.

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