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COVID: UGLE Suspends Masonic Meetings in England Again

by Christopher Hodapp The Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England has once again ordered the suspension of all Masonic meetings throughout England in the wake of new increases in COVID...

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jermy Bell

Registered User
I really hope our grand lodges here have the common sense to close ours again till we can gain some kind of control. Southern Illinois is at 10.1.


Registered User
We are open in Virginia, but under restrictions and no meals or degree work is permitted. GL is holding a one day conferral though.

Brother JC

Moderating Staff
Staff Member
All three of mine are shut down. NM and CA have created a simple ritual to make us all feel more official but it’s still just a zoom meeting.

NM has also begun harsh enforcement of the “no meeting” edict.


Registered User
Further to the above, UGLE has, today, ended the general suspension on Masonic meetings in Wales that has been in place since March.


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