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    I will be traveling to Dallas and be staying in the Arlington/Ft. Worth area for my cousins wife funeral and to visit my uncle whom is in ICU and recovering.

    Can any of you wonderful masons recommend a place to stay? I will be with my parents and we usually stay at a holiday inn express. Also is it worth taking a tour of cowboys stadium ? Anyone I should contact for a tour?

    Or a good local place to eat? A hole in the wall. Any recommendations would be helpful.

    Don't know if I will have time to attend lodge, or shrine temples but of there are any close by please let me know.

    Happy New Year! Be blessed!

    Bro. Jerry Johnston
  2. Benjamin Baxter

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    Dfw visit

    Brother, sorry for the circumstances for your visit. There is a nice Sheraton pretty close on convention center drive. There is also a holiday inn express across hwy 30. The stadium tour was pretty cool you get to see the inner workings of it and realize how big it is.
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    I am sorry to hear for the reasons that you will be going to the Dallas/Fort Worth Area. I wish your family the best, and I will pray for all of ya'll.

    I can't really advise you on places to stay, but if you do get a chance to break away from everything during the week. The Dallas Scottish Rite is right there in Dallas would be a really good place for you (and maybe any family you have with you) to go visit and maybe take your mind off things for a moment. Very beautiful building inside and out. You don't have to be a Scottish Rite Mason to go in and check it out. Also, something that I have been recommended to do before but haven't gotten to do yet, is visit the Dallas Scottish Rite Children's Hospital. I'm sure you will have enough of the hospital or medical setting during your stay, but I have heard it is really awesome to see the DSRCH and what all the Scottish Rite organization does for the kiddos.

    I hope you get to check it out!
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    A great place to eat is at Twisted Root. Lots of different style hamburgers and I'm pretty sure it was on the Food Network show Diners Drive-ins and Dives. Kind of a hole in the wall place, with a good atmosphere. Not sure of the exact location, I only stopped there once.
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    I am very sorry to hear the circumstances of your visit, and I do hope you have a safe journey. If you will be here on Tuesday evening, please feel free to come join us at Mansfield Lodge #331 for dinner and our Stated Meeting tomorrow night at 6:30 PM. Stated Meeting will be at 7:30 PM. PM for directions, as GPS or Online Map services do not locate us correctly.

    If we are too far from where you are staying, there are quite a few other Stated Meetings and other events this week.


    That Website link will take you to the 64th District Web Calendar, which will give you all the info you need about Masonic events this week in the area you are staying in.

    Safe travels, Brother!

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