Deist or Irreligious Freemasons

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    You draw an artificial dichotomy. Studying scriptures does not preclude going deeper than the printed word. Many of us believe in personal revelation.

    Edit: you also operate from the premise that all scriptures are the written word of man. Not all of us, and not all GLs, accept that premise.
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    My defenition of spiritual is that you belive in a supreme entety that reveals higher understanding thats beyond human and scientific understanding.

    The words are chosen becuse they were not meant to be taken litteraly, they are only there to be pointers.

    The dictomy between religion and science is a new idea, wich the Jesuits are good evidence for.
    When modern freemasonry started to apear in the 1700s science and religion where highly entertwined with each other.
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    Recognizable and discernible patterns that transcend time and space, which animate time and space and which make souls possible through clearly recognizable and discernible processes.
    No. I do see it as a possible path.
    Define "Faith".
    You are mistaken. Although some Freemasons may be very literal, Freemasonry points, and with great reoccurrence through inculcation, with metaphor, allegory and a host of figures of speech (you know, non literal stuff) toward many transcendent things that could not possibly be understood if one remained Literal in one's thoughts. In fact, one critical part of Masonic development is training the figurative mind and is pointed toward by suggestion to study and know the Trivium.
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