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Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports and Online Gaming' started by Blake Bowden, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. Blake Bowden

    Blake Bowden Administrator Staff Member

    I played WoW since vanilla till about a year ago. How does Diablo compare?
  2. rmorenc

    rmorenc Premium Member

    Every bit as fun and more. My wife and I ran through several mice between us playing Diablo II in college (the left buttons literally gave out), and III is just as fun. Compared to WoW it's quite different in ways, though they have similarities. D3 is much more of an individual / small group game, as you are limited to a max party of 4 with individual loot drops. There is still a sense of teamwork though, as the trash mobs can swarm you in no time flat requiring quick thinking and teamwork. But it's also quite easy to just go solo everything, the difficulty is adjusted based on party size.

    The one downside I see is the auction house interface is abysmal. Maybe I'm just used to my addon-enhanced auction house from WoW, but it feels very primitive.

    (note: I'm only in the middle of Act II normal, I hear it gets much more interesting on subsequent playthroughs once you reach the level cap)
  3. Blake Bowden

    Blake Bowden Administrator Staff Member

    Oh cool...thanks for the feedback. Might have to snag it!
  4. SeeKer.mm

    SeeKer.mm Premium Member

    I haven't played D3 yet but I did play D2 a while ago and then got Into WoW...Wow has since lost its flavor and seems a bit repetitive so I stopped playing...was thinking about getting into StarWars online or something but perhaps I'll check D3 out. Is it MMORPG or just RPG?
  5. tldubb

    tldubb Premium Member

    I downloaded Destiny on my Xbox one I might have down load diablo 3.

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