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Does your lodge really suck!?


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Lol i mowed like 2 acres of grass around my lodge today and they were nice enough to wave ... All 10 brothers ;).

Still love my lodge!
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The tendency to point to a thing outside yourself and name that thing as the problem is common in a society where a mentality of entitlement and victimization has become entrenched. However I have found that it is always the person, and never the thing, that must become different if real change is to take place. For this reason I have adopted a personal policy of never blaming the thing.
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I must say I really like my lodge, their are a lot of good things about it. That begin said their is a lot of things I would like to see changed to make it better.


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No, I belong to a great lodge. The fact that I am new and everything right now seems new and exciting dosen't hurt.


Coach John S. Nagy
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I find the only time I would say that it sucks is when I volunteer to do something or participate in something that I know does not interest me or does drain me beyond my capacities to recharge. But in saying that, it would be me trying to blame my Lodge for something that I knew I should not have taken on.


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I have a great lodge with great brothers.

I recently saw a review of my lodge's Facebook question where a guy gave 3 stars with no elaboration. I'm curious to why his experience was only worth 3 stars.

It made me think about how each brother's experience can be very different. I notice that more active brothers who take the initiative to get involved have a better experience, while the one who never shows up tends to be more negative.

Personally I've taken it upon myself to shake every hand and greet a brother with a smile... not a forced "political" fake smile, but a genuine interest and gladness to see them. Most of the brothers are already like this as well, not just in my lodge but all that I've visited.

The one thing I think we all strive for is that above all else that we are known for our brotherly love and affection.
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Benjamin Baxter

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I love my lodge. It is awesome. However there are some lodges that don't fit, I tried them and realized it wasn't a good fit and had to back away. You Might want to visit around and find one that fits you better....
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My lodge is wonderful. With the (almost assuredly) incoming W. M. and several others we have just established a DeMolay chapter, and we have Rainbow Girls (I'm not sure what is up with Eastern Star these days though). The current W.M. has been so several times and is also R. W. M. as he's been a Deputy Grand Master in the past and a former H.P. in the York Rite and received the honorary 33rd Degree in S.R. This guy is my mentor, but he wasn't Master when I was raised: we have several people who are P.M.'s who are under 50 and line officers (myself included, as a line officer) and our lodge is in fine shape both financially and in terms of new initiates and folks in the line (which is a serious commitment, as you all know). We have monthly Bean Suppers (a New England thing, I guess) and make ourselves known to the community in a myriad of other ways. We're working degrees nearly every month and even worked one when we were "dark" and have monthly officer training school.

That being said, we still have some issues with Stated Meetings. Pretty much all the officers are there (some are officers in other lodges, one will become W.M. at a neighboring lodge in January, a strange time for that) but there are times when Stateds are just the officers and others where nearly everyone wears a P.M. apron. We get it done, though, and every pitches in. Not everyone can make every bean supper or education evening, but we get it done, and as the Senior Steward, I can say we get a lot of help. We're brethren. I live 20 minutes away from my lodge, and most live closer, but we get it done.

My lodge ROCKS. We do it together, and Senior Officers including the W.M. contribute. We meet on the level and part on the square.


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But what does suck is the building association. I don't want to talk about the broken X. Fix the damn thing and move on.