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    I have always been curious to know why the order is called Eastern Star? I thought maybe it was referring to the Bethlehem star but as I read the story the star was in the West. The Magi saw the star while they were IN the east. So they appeared to travel westerly as they followed the apparent star. I would call it western star.

    I probably don't understand something about this.

    Any help?
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    I , wondered this as well. I am in Oregon but originally from California, took my degrees in OR. In CA its called Western Star, but Oregon is Eastern Star.......

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    The Magi saw the star that represented the nation ( (Judeah) where the Child was born. The Americas are in the west. Everything that transpired Biblically occured in the east. Although the Magi traveled a westerly course from the Orient. The entire event in relationship to the Americas, took place in the east where the Light of the Blazing Star emanates from. Having seen His star in the east is a clear indication that the Order is looking from the west. The blazing star is said to symbolize divine providence or heavenly guidance, the Sun rises in the east and sets in west, everyday.

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  4. JamesMichael

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    Okay. So are you saying that the Star was physically seen in the Eastern Sky? Like they looked up and saw it there and moved closer to it? Traveling East? Because they were looking from the west?

    If so, I am not tracking with you yet. I am confused with the idea that the Star was a Westerly leading star. Which to me implies that something that leads me West and is up in the sky and I am to follow it, it would be West and I would be coming from the East. Does that make sense?

    Help me.
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    The magi were master astrologers. They travelled west because they came from further east, Asia. However, at that time there was no OES. In our modern time the OES are looking from the west, America, to eastern lands for the mysteries of antiquity. Look deeper into the mystery of the symbolism of what the ligjt of the east represents to the world.

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    Never thought about it that it could be another reference than towards our own star that rises in the East, the sun.
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    Here's a book I recommend.

    History of Freemasonry and Concordant Orders.
    ( Look for the one published by Norwood press. )

    My copy is the 1900 edition, copyright 1890.

    My only inner complaint is that a lot of my brothers in the Craft just read what they can get on Amazon. Almost every GL has a Library (reading programs, loan books, or even grant access to older books not edited by this generation). Now I admit I am a collector of books, & old books; yet I would be happy to see a resurgence in Masonic Education.
    Leaders are Readers. You can't escape that, no matter what discipline, sector, or vocation in life.

    Moving towards the Star, the Light, or the rising Sun in the East carries a distinct Symbolic & Allegorical meaning that spans all Religions, Mysteries, & Philosophies. ImageUploadedByMy Freemasonry1443486292.869147.jpg
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