Episode 169 - In the Before Times

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    • Opening: Come with Me Now (Kongos)
    • Harlan returns to broadcasting from the Secretary's desk
    • Cartman comes back to hang out After Lodge
    • Nick crashes the party with his 3DK pals
    • Harlan debates the merits of Templary and other baseless fancifulness with Jason M.
    • The 3DK hosts ridicule Libertarians for a while
    • "In the before times . . . " (anytime before 1988)
    • The Chaplain crashes the party, and Harlan's desk and violates the East
    • How much does a Knights Templar uniform cost?
    • And of course, we have to discuss the spoils of the big fair - Cartman offers a new member's perspective
    • . . . and back to more Libertarian bashing. Sheesh, guys!
    • Ethnic "towns" in New York City, it's all about the food
    • NEW: G.P.A.C. does the outro!
    • Closing: Click Click Boom (Saliva)
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