Episode 176 - The Grand Generalissimo

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    • Opening: Jerusalem (Matisyahu)
    • Where is Nick?! Busted!!!
    • Welcome Sir. John E. Helcl, from Minnesota, our special guest for the evening
    • Technical difficulties make it . . . rough, for a while
    • Sir. Helcl explains his tenuous connections to "Nikky Johnson"
    • Nick left us with a big York Rite figure, and none of us are York Rite Masons
    • Other Nick (/u/millennialfreemason) joins us and brings more technical difficulties
    • Allowing the "Cap and Mantle" as standard uniform at York Rite meetings
    • Should we lower the number of men required to open a Commandary?
    • Comparing pipe organs: York Rite or Scottish Rite?
    • Sir. Helcl joins Harlan in rebutting the Templar lineage
    • Harlan's exit strategy for the Secretary's desk
    • Nick's new blog post - stop propping up zombie Lodges
    • Honorary bodies in the York Rite - is this the future of the Knights of St. Andrew?!
    • Does the Scottish Rite hierarchy curiously resemble that of the Roman Catholic Church?
    • Can the After Lodge method save a dying Chapter/Council?
    • Technical difficulties end the show
    • Closing: In Hell I'll be in Good Company (The Dead South)
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