Episode 184 - The Land of Oz

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    • Opening: Down Under (Men at Work)
    • We're back after losing (yet another) beloved Brother
    • Nick popped in before the show . . . from Austrailia
    • Harlan goes to the Education Association to harass Scotty from the Block
    • Prince Hall installations and Black & White dress code
    • John stirs the pot with some internet racists (with dues cards)
    • Tony pops in . . . Without costume this time
    • Amazon's Alexa goes all the way?
    • We do it all for the sunshade, and we'd do it again
    • Chili cook-off time is coming and the plotting has already begun
    • Tony picks up a new sponsor for us
    • Nick re-joins us from the Merry Old Land of Oz
    • . , , and shares how awesome Australian Masonry is
    • Crocodile Dundee and Steve Erwin are NOT the same. At all.
    • Why doesn't Australia have Amazon yet?!
    • Blowing out Jesus' 8 birthday candles
    • Bruce is out-gaveled by a Warden
    • Hello to our Australian Brethren!
    • Closing: Black or White (Michael Jackson)
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