Episode 208 - Apron Stains

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    • Opening: Stacy's Mom (Fountains of Wayne)
    • Tony went hulk mode at Installation
    • "I like hearing me, and I don't like hearing you either"
    • The campaign kickoff got . . . out of hand
    • Nick and the new meaning of "decking out the crib"
    • Harlan's wife is on Instagram, and everyone knows it but him
    • A virtual tour of Nick's new house
    • What do you do with your apron if you wear it to the men's room?
    • New After Lodge swag: an apron with a zipper under the bib
    • Tony's eclectic iTunes collection
    • What happens if you dial up AOL with Google Voice?
    • Everyone is on Instagram!
    • Nick's baby registry is listed on buybuybaby.com - buy something nice
    • Age old advice for new dads that nobody listens to
    • Closing: Rockabye (Clean Bandit)
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