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Experienced & Certified Medical Biller seeking remote position


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I am a certified medical biller with ten years of experience, currently seeking remote work in billing and A/R management, either full-time or part-time. I have worked in general medicine/family practice and urgent care, mental health, and DME. (In addition to my AAPC-Certified Professional Biller certificate, I am looking to test this year for the AAPC-Certified Professional Coder certificate, as well.)
I am currently providing billing services by remote for a small agency in the Portland, Oregon area, but the hours amount to no more than 15 weekly, and I am in need of more.
Also, should it benefit your practice, I am bilingual, being fluent in Spanish, and comfortable with medical terminology in both languages.
If you are a medical professional or work in a medical office and know of a need for an experienced and certified medical biller in any capacity, please do reach out.
I appreciate your taking the time to read this.
Thank you so much.