Far Left or Far Right

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Give the choice, who will the American voters choose - the far left or far right ?

  1. Far Left

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  2. Far Right

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  1. JTM

    JTM "Just in case" Premium Member

    so you would say that the people organizing to get those taxes raised are in fact not organized?
  2. jonesvilletexas

    jonesvilletexas Premium Member

    I hope far right.
  3. C_Cabra

    C_Cabra Registered User

    Far right if people had to choose between either the Far left or Far right. (Although I feel the majority of people really fall somewhere in the middle and wish they had representatives that would reflect that)

    The reason I suggest that people would choose the far right over the left is simple. The majority of people don't want to share their "things" with everyone else.
  4. Traveling Man

    Traveling Man Premium Member


    I think the ruling class elite from both sides of the isles are in for the surprise of their careers.
    I think the electorate is finally fed up with all of the double dealing and the lack of true representation of their wishes. I think the common man has finally had enough of the bullying by special interest groups and lobbyist that do not represent their views. I think there will be changes afoot in the state and federal levels.
    I think the days of marginalization and intimidation of the voters in “fly over country†have come to an end.

    They will finally “get itâ€; they should be afraid of us, not vice versa.
    We should curtail our lifestyles while they live and rule like drunken lords? I think not.
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