For the Castile Family

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    Anyone in distress should be given aid but more especially a brother mason
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    The way i took the instruction on the MMGHSD and the words that accompany it is that they are to be used when in imimate life limb or eyesight. In OR you are instructed to go to the aide of the brother if there is a better chance of saving his life then of loosing yours. The only time you hear stories of the sign being given is in times of someone life being threatened (the civil war story, davy crockett* at the Alamo)
    Hes a DDGM if he really needed help all he had to do was pick up the phone and call his GM. He was trying to bring Natl attention in the brotherhood to his nephews death, as well he should. I just dont think that was the way to do it. He could have said.."Id like to say one more thing, im a freemason and I am now applying to all regular freemasons to take notice of this case and help me help my family and every member of this nation so that nothing like this happens again!" or something like that

    *i think it was Davy might have been Bowie or Boone cant quite remember.

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    You can reach out to RW Bro. Clarence Castille on FB. Request him as a friend or direct message him through the app.
    He would love to hear from you. The outpouring of sympathies& support have been tremendous.
    Just give him time to respond back to you.

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    Of course you know, every jurisdiction is different. When I went to sent in a Georgia lodge, their ritual was noticeably different from TN. Maybe his obligation concerning the GHSD didn't state he had to be imminent danger.

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