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    Hello fellow brethren. I'm Bro. Fisk hailing from County Line Lodge #68 Kenton, TN

    I've been raised to the degree of MM for 3 years now. After my 1st year I enlisted into the military (Active Army) and I've been very distant to the craft. One of the reasons being that I'm not close to my home lodge. As the days go by I see my self gaining distance from what I care about the most which is craving knowledge about my wonderful fraternity and it's history and lessons. My question is for the few that are not able to visit their lodge every month but how do you bothers stay in the craft and continue to grow in masonry? I have visited a few lodges around the duty station that I was at but it just doesn't feel the same. I feel like I'm not where I should be in Masonry after 3 years as a MM.

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  2. Ripcord22A

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    Keep visiting....find one u like..demit from ur home lodge and join the new one

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  3. Bloke

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    Does Texas have study or reading circles ? That's always a good way to learn more about the craft....
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  4. Jamarr/G\

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    Yes they did in Texas and I enjoyed it. I have left Texas and I'm on my way North Carolina now

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  5. dfreybur

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    I didn't petition to join my mother lodge. I petitioned to join Masonry and that happened to be at my mother lodge. It's an attitude difference.

    I'm a life/endowed member and Past Master in my mother lodge, but I relocated and I remembered my attitude. So as I traveled for work I visited and as I relocated I affiliated. I've gone through the line again and am again a life/endowed member and Past Master in a lodge where we lived a decade. And after yet another relocation I'm progressing through a third time in a third jurisdiction. All because I decided that my petition was in general not in specific.
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  6. acjohnson53

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    Bro Fisk that's why they call it "Traveling". As long as you are visiting other Lodges, You are doing what you in Masonry, You are gaining knowledge from other Brothers. Demitting is not a bad thing, when you demit to another Lodge it means that you are seeking more Light in Masonry. By joining another Lodge away from your home Lodge, you have the right to vote on any issues within that Lodge, also it gives you the opportunity to progress, as you say...
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  7. CLewey44

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    I think this website is good for insight, but also UGLE has an Internet Lodge as well I think. I know one Brother on here that is a member of that I think. Moving often is tough in the military. Just finding the right lodge in your area and demitting and joining there is always a good option. It's frustrating tho as you may have to move before you can really get going in the line or about the time you meet some good fellows, you have to move. Shameless book plug here Bro @coachn "The Craft Unmasked" ;) I heard has a lot of good knowledge.
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