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    Building Hiram
    Uncommon Catechism for
    Uncommon Masonic Education
    By Dr. John S. Nagy


    DESCRIPTION: 12 concise chapters of uncommon Masonic Catechism with over 160 pages of quality information with footnotes and additional Masonic challenges throughout the book.


    • Preface iv
    • Catechism v
    • Introduction 8
    • I.....The Ashlars 15
    • ......The Ashlars Catechism 16
    • II....The Stone Builders’ Tools 25
    • ......The Stone Builders’ Tools Catechism 27
    • III...The Orders of Architecture 45
    • ......The Orders of Architecture Catechism 48
    • IV...The Staircase Unwound 56
    • ......The Staircase Unwound Catechism 57
    • V....The Four Ruffians 70
    • ......The Four Ruffian Catechism 73
    • VI...The Ancient Penalties 81
    • ......The Ancient Penalties Catechism 83
    • VII..The 3-4-5 Triangle 93
    • ......The 3-4-5 Triangle Catechism 95
    • VIII.The Sacred Triad 101
    • ......The Sacred Triad Catechism 103
    • IX...The Square and Compasses 112
    • ......The Square and Compasses Catechism 113
    • X....The Temple’s Templar 123
    • ......The Temple’s Templar Catechism 124
    • XI...The Lost Word 138
    • ......The Lost Word Catechism 142
    • XII..The Master’s Wages 147
    • ......The Master’s Wages Catechism 149
    • Resources and Foot Notes 161

    About the book:

    Some Masons are a bit confused when it comes to understanding the symbols within Masonic Ritual. They have little clue as to symbolic connections that are before them.

    The author understands this situation all too well. After many years of asking for answers and not having them provided in a connected way, he embarked on a personal quest to unify the symbolic information contained in the first three degrees.

    What he discovered has changed his experience of Masonry.

    Within the pages of his book, you’ll find connections to help you better understand:
    • The Symbolic connection between "Stone" and what it is to be a human being.
    • Why your use of the word "Perfect" can mean the difference between success and failure.
    • How you can manifest the Lost Word in the presence of The Three.
    • The True Wages of a Master Mason.
    • The significance of the last 7 steps in moving yourself into being a true Master.
    Dr. Nagy provides you with an interesting and thought-provoking guide to improve and strengthen your Masonic awareness and clarity. He shares key information and insights that will help you better understand how facets of the first Three Degrees fit together to help you in your Building efforts.


    Building Hiram - Uncommon Catechism for Uncommon Masonic Education

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