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Greetings from Central Texas

Brother Rogers

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I read that I was supposed to introduce myself, so here goes. My name is Austin Rogers, and I was raised the to Sublime Degree of Master Mason at Apollo Lodge #921 in Huntsville, AL back in 2008. I also joined the Scottish Rite and, after marrying, the Order of the Eastern Star. (I considered joining the Shrine and went so far as to turn in an application, but seeing all the alcohol at the pre-initiation dinner caused me to reconsider.)

By 2010, my bride had soured on the Fraternity, and I stopped attending in the interest of marital harmony. I went NPD in all three bodies, and eventually moved to Central Texas, where I reside today. That marriage eventually came to an end, and last year, in the middle of the pandemic, I remarried. (We had a small but beautiful ceremony - a rabbi who was a mutual friend of ours came to our house and did the honors. Our families were able to attend via Skype.)

With my new wife's blessing, I have decided to get back to lodge. I have already reactivated my membership in Apollo, and have my dues card in hand.

There is a lodge very close to where I live, Norton Moses #336. I plan on visiting there once I am fully vaccinated. I currently don't plan on reactivating my membership in the Scottish Rite (I'd rather have a root canal than drive into Austin!) or the Eastern Star (my wife has no interest, and as she is from a different culture none of the ritual would mean anything to her). I want to focus on the Blue Lodge and maybe learn some of the Texas work.

Back in Alabama, I had my Teaching Certificate, and I really enjoyed teaching the lessons to candidates. I also used to give the lectures in all three degrees. I don't know if I ever want to do that much again, but I'll see what my new lodge needs and go from there.

That's my Masonic history, I suppose. A few more things about me: I'm an Engineer by trade and a musician by vocation. I had a busy teaching studio before the pandemic, mostly classical piano and five-string banjo, but currently I'm only teaching my wife (who is an advanced piano student). I hold a PhD in Engineering and a diploma in piano performance (ARSM - Associate of the Royal Schools of Music), but when meeting on the level, degrees and diplomas are neither here nor there.

Bonus points to anyone who can identify my Masonic hero from my avatar!


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Welcome to the forum Brother and welcome back to the Craft. Your avatar is obviously Illustrious Brother Albert Pike 33rd Degree.

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Fraternal Greetings from Australia !

Nice intro and thanks for the effort. Congratulations on your marriage last year - I bet the reception set a record for being inexpensive !