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    I am in need of help. I am a very hard worker and very wise. I have experience in underground telecommunications, hard-wood flooring, amusement park ride engineering, grocery and restaurant business. I was recently working for a company called "H&R Telecom" and worked for 20 days and was laid off, without reason and with no pay. I was slaved.. I filled out ALL applicable tax forms to which they discarded without my knowledge. I have tried to take this up with the labor board but I cannot provide proof that this incident occurred. Please help me out! I will not let you down brothers!

    email: lilcorymuzik@gmail.com

    Fraternally, Cory D. Edwards
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    Brother Cory,

    It might help if you tell us where you live. I'm assuming Texas but I am not sure. You said that you worked for 20 days and did not receive a pay check. Legally the company cannot do that and they are obligated to pay you by law. I would consult an attorney in your area who handles labor law. Most attorneys will provide a free consultation to see if they can help you (and if they can make any money from your case).

    If you haven't you might contact the HR department where you were employed and discuss things.
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    Get a labor attorney involved.
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