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    Try contacting @jfree7997. I believe he is a member of the Grand Lodge of Virginia even though it doesn't appear his profile has been updated.
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    You brothers appear to be stumped by this once common requirement by some lodges. While i can't trace its origin, how it was introduced in the Craft. I can imagine that it probably began in our North American lodges around the early part of the 20th century. I remember reading about alot of physical hijinks and horse play during degree work. I can imagine that being hoodwinked in a room full of strangers was probably very scary.

    Personally it caused undue stress to me not being able to see but hearing so many strange sounds.

    Also keep in mind that certain movements of the legs are necessary within the workings. Not everyone can bend, kneel or stoop with comfortable flexibility. I would gather that a lodge would've wanted to know how 'healthy & fit' a new candidate for membership was for degree work purposes.

    Lastly, just imagine a man with a medical condition of high blood pressure or heart related matters. It's enough that goes on to make an already nervous person faint.

    The situation of initiation can be very troubling to some men.

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    I can understand this. Going into something brand new and strange, blindfold at that, could be scary to some. I was nervous myself.
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    I am mainstream and I had my misconceptions when I walked in to petition.I received funny looks and eyeballs which almost made me turn around.However once I spoke to the secretary about the petition and next steps it was brotherly since that day...So I would just put that aside and speak to them and let the light show through....

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