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    Hello brothers , I have two things that I could use a little help with #1 our lodge is building a new building and I have been tasked with looking into a new lodge sign I have one face of the building that faces the road with no windows and a area that con easally hold a 8 foot Square and compass Im am thinking about going with stainless steel but would like to conceder other metals Jueau is a Cold weather Rain forest with over 100 inches a year so metals like copper would green out fast and Bronze will be to expencise , if anyone can piont me in a good direction for any companys on the west coast that would also save money , and # 2 I am a recreational gold miner and am looking for a company that makes coin dies , I would like to have a special one made with my name and city on one side and a square and compass on the other Im thinking about the size of a quarter , Sorry about all the miss spelling , I really aint very good at all with computers and I am just now starting to learn how to email, fratunally yours WM Brother Ray Rusaw
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    Stainless steel would be ok, as long as it stays dry. I'd go with aluminum, it would be cheaper, lighter for hanging, and it won't rust.

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    If it has no windows could u paint a sign on the building . can use the whole side if u needed too
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    Also do not forget to think about lighting... L.E.D lights make it cheap now days..
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