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I go through my initiation on Thursday with The Villages Masonic Lodge No. 394 in Florida.

Any advice? Looking forward to it!

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Don't use Google until then unless you're holiday shopping or something, take it as serious as you can (no jocularity even if the 'senior' members are doing so. Be a good mason, be a good example), be patient if members forget their lines, start meditating and get plenty of rest over the next week to have an open, clear mind. Enjoy the show.


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Congratulations on your upcoming initiation. Let us know how it goes. Try to take it all in but don't worry if you feel overwhelmed. You'll have years to unpack everything.


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Thanks y’all. It was very interesting to say the least! I was highly impressed by how seriously the members and especially the Lodge Officers took the initiation. Great experience!

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Keith C

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It wasn’t! I was especially impressed by the flawless lecture given by a Past Master that had to have been in his upper 70’s, maybe early 80’s. It was awesome.

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I didn't mean to imply it was anything but serious. Just attempted to point out that your perception of how the ritual was carried out was as it should be.