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    At our Installations the Lodge is opened in the 1st then the 2nd and then the Master-elect takes his obligation as Master. Then all Brethren below that of an Installed Master are asked to leave with the exception of the Master-elect and are told that on their return the Lodge will be in the 3rd degree and the grip and word of a Master Mason will be required from each and everyone of them...

    In a Eastern Ontario last winter the Master-elect was blind, and two blind Brethren from the Toronto area, travelled some 3 hours to be at his Installation, one was an Installed Master, and the other a Master Mason. The Master Mason was accompanied by his seeing-eye dog.

    The Lodge has now opened in the 3rd and in the Board of Installed Masters, and the dog and his Master [Mason] have long gone. The Board then closed, and all Master Masons seeking admission may enter.

    A long line of Master Masons enter, all giving the grip and word to the Inner Guard. When the Blind Master Mason appears and gives the grip and word to the I.G.. The I.G. asked a loud stage whisper that was heard all over the Lodge Room, "What about the Dog?" To which the Blind Mason replied, and not in a whisper "SHE HAS NOT, BUT I HAVE IT FOR HER".

    Needless to say that was the highlight of that Installation.

    It took some 5 minutes before the D.G.M. could compose himself.
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    Good one -- thanks.
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    That is great!

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