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  1. Chris Zenzel

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    Hello brothers,

    I am in a time of need for employment. I just spent the past month in the hospital in Pennsylvania and moving back to my home in Florida. I am a highly skilled brother in technology. I have some health issues (this past month was related to Autism). I went through a tough time and need some help from my brothers online.

    I am highly skilled with technology, web, and mobile app development. I know many computer technologies.

    Can someone help me by passing around my resume or getting in contact with me so I can find some type of additional part-time / contract work or even full-time in Winter Garden/Orlando, Florida area or even remote jobs I can do from home?

    I can be reached on e-mail, Google Voice, and/or Skype.

    My resume can be found at:


    Thank you for any help you can provide!

    Bro. Chris Zenzel
    Concordia Lodge No. 67 (Jenkintown, PA)
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  2. Julian Serrazine

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    Hi my brother!

    I´m really impressed about you said... autism...

    That make me feel really good to see someone with autism being independent and so high skilled... my boy is 5 years old and was diagnosed with autism too.

    God bless you!

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