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Discussion in 'Shrine' started by Jericho2013, Oct 24, 2013.

  1. Jericho2013

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    I was speaking to the chairman of the Houston Shriners Hospital and he offered a private tour of the hospital for me and my wife. I was wondering if I should wear my Fez for something like this? And has anyone else been on a private tour before?
  2. Tx4ever

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    I wore my fez when I toured the Galveston Hospital .
  3. Plustax

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    We encourage our Shriners to wear their Fez when visiting a Shriner Hospital. It's not mandated, but highly encouraged. It let's visitors and others see who we are and part of "the team" that supports and finances everything that happens in these hospitals. With me personally, it's a matter of pride. I'm on the Hospital Transport unit and whenever we take children down to any Shriner hospital, we always wear our Fez & even a embroidered Shrine shirt. I'm also a member of the Clown unit and visit hospitals in the capacity as well (of course without the Fez in that case). I personally wish that ALL masons and shriners would visit a shriner/scottish rite hospital because there are still (to this day) many that don't have a clue as to how much is done and how much we all contribute. It's a life changing moment and a true eye opener.

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