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    Just brought a nice new one and it arrived yesterday.. I am always terrified I, or they, will get the name (or initials) wrong.. I normally get
    CJ 18
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    Wow.. I just realized.. one I have must have been custom made by the Lodge. Wow. My fav are these
    Old Lodges often had a die made for their own Jewels.

    We had a very famous Silversmith Family here (Blaski - who remain regalia makers )

    Phillip Blashki (21 February 1837 – 21 October 1916) was a Polish immigrant to Australia who rose to be a successful businessman, magistrate, J.P., holder of many positions of public responsibility and associated with numerous community and charitable events in Melbourne.

    Phillip Blashki's life was summarised on the center front page of The Herald on 21 October 1916, which read in part, "For 39 years, he was a justice of the peace, and for a lengthy period he was chairman of the City Court Bench... 58 years ago he came to Victoria, and took a leading part in many public affairs. He founded the Melbourne Jewish Aid Society, was a trustee of the Brighton Cemetery, and a prominent Freemason. He was also one of the founders of the Charity Organisation Society.""

    I'm full of Trivia :)
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    Those vintage pieces of regalia are always so beautiful. They really knew how to make regalia back then. I was the same way when my PM jewel was being made. People get my name wrong a lot.
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    That is the RW Master's jewel in Scottish lodges.

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