Life Membership for outgoing Masters

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    It is customary in our lodge to give the outgoing WM an Endowed Membership.
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    Well let me chime in here. At the beginning of this month I was "elected" Jr PM of my Lodge. The members of my Lodge decided to honor me with an endowed membership. I was already an endowed member. I still pay my Grand Lodge Per Capita and the Temple "rent" (special situation on how that works in Ft Worth).

    Now that the disclaimer is out there I will say the following:
    If the Lodge wants to honor the outgoing WM, I think it is up to that Lodge, whom, how and how often.

    As it relates to Life Memberships - I think those should be awarded as the wording of the Law indicates.

    As it realtes to the Golden Trowel - in the GLoTexas, you cannot give a GT to a member who has been elected Warden or Master until after three years have passed from their last election to such an office. Even with that caveat, it is my personal opinion that having the honor of being elected, serving and being a PM is honor enough for a persons service to his Lodge. It is also my personal opinion that the GT was designed for honoring those who would not otherwise be recognized for their service to Masonry, the Community and people in general. I am not a fan of awarding it to a PM just because they are a PM. I am much more in favor of recognizing those everyday heros who serve without any anticipation of any recognition or reward.

    As an example, we gave the GT this year to a man who has been a Mason 42 years, never served in any office in any Lodge. He was however a worker in the Shrine for 35 years in a largely un-noticed role. He was however (and still is) a steward in the Scottish Rite - Oh and that has been for just 27 years. The look on that man's face when I got the the honor of announcing his selection is one of the best memories I have as a Mason.

    Now, what any Lodge wants to do is up to them. That endowed membership will continue to provide income for my Lodge long after the working tools of life have dropped from my hands. YMMV.
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    Here is a radical idea. Don't give either a Life Membership or an Endowed Membership to a Past Master.
    I am twice Past Master of my Lodge.

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