Mainstream Scottish Rite Recognizes Prince Hall Sc

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    Exciting news today from Washington D.C.! The Supreme Council, 33º, of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite for the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States, and Mother Supreme Council of the World, in session this week, announced that it is formally recognizing the Prince Hall Scottish Rite Supreme Council. Further, the Sovereign Grand Commander for the Northern Jurisdiction said that if the Southern Jurisdiction recognizes the Prince Hall Supreme Council, they would do it also."

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    Re: Mainstream Scottish Rite Recognizes Prince Hal

    What does that mean for PHA and MS masons in TN who don't recognize each other.How does that work?
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    Re: Mainstream Scottish Rite Recognizes Prince Hal

    It's pressure for both sides to take the moral high ground and pass legislation to offer the other side full recognition with visitation and dual affiliation if either GL offers dual affiliation.

    As for technicalities I'd want clarification from both GMs whether an AASR-SJ meeting counts as a tiled meeting. I think it does count. Just because it's allowed at one level doesn't mean you can just do it. The rules of the local GLs and the rules of AASR-SJ all apply. But I'd want clarification from both GMs on whether it counts and a schedule for how soon they can resolve the problem by edict within a year and by putting it to vote on the GL floor for the long term.
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    Re: Mainstream Scottish Rite Recognizes Prince Hal

    moved to the SR forum. The announcements section is for website announcements.

    That's great news, though.

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