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Marine Corps Freemasons


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Marine Corps Infantry(0311) 94-98 Yorktown VA, and 2/6 Fox Co.
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Brothers! My name is Bruno Moya. I am from Las Vegas and belong to Vegas #32. I served in my Beloved Corps from 2001-2008. Semper Fi all day!

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Greetings Brother Moya, I had the pleasure of visiting Vegas #32 about 3 years ago. I definitely enjoyed smoking cigars with WBro. Weaver and conversing with WBro. Hoaglin while I was there. Great Lodge.


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Bro. Robinson, thank you. I hope you travel this way again. Did you smoke a cigar from Don Vicente? I had one from Bro Vicente and now I can't smoke anything else.

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CWO2 (Bro) Gerald Stokley, Torii Lodge #46, Okinawa Japan.


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No, not Torii Station proper. But there are several thriving and successful lodges out here.
Oh ok, I'm meeting up with the SR here soon to further myself. I did find Teikoku and hope to visit there soon. Anyway, didn't mean to highjack the discussion. Maybe we will run into one another.



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1st force service support (Motor T.)
Service connected Marine , and Freemason.
Wearing both with the utmost Pride
Semper Fi

Willaim Perkins

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20 years an active jarhead (University of Parris Is.). Trade was communications, 2500 fld. Did recon, instructor and the obligatory poag crap.

PMC Alton Chapter DeMolay
PIM Alton Council #3 R&SM
PEC Belvidere Commandery #2 KT
PHP Franklin Chapter #8 RAM
PM Franklin Lodge #25 AF&AM
Charter member Central Illinois Forest #208 TCL
Southern Illinois College #33 YRSCNA

Remember well sitting in Lodge a couple of seat from the base CG.