Masonic fear of motorcycles

Discussion in 'Freemasonry In Texas' started by jvarnell, Aug 17, 2018.

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    I've never understood why Mason's have a need to integrate all sort of other groups into Masonry. You don't join a golf club to go shooting, nor do you buy a boat because you want to do gardening. Why join Masonry and expect motorcycles, shooting groups etc. I just don't get it.
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    If the only reason to join masonry is to get to put on a vest with a patch or to go golf or something else then I would think Masonry isn't for that person but if one truly seeks the light and becomes a freemason I think it is great that we have other masons only groups where we can hobby with our brethen.I don't belong to any of those sport clubs or hobby groups but I have thinked on joining Widow's Sons and if one day I get to have my golf green card I might go golfing with the brethen if they allow me to. :)
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    I am not a member of the widow's sons, nor am I a part of any "gang". I simply asked what factors make up a man's 'image' that would make one go "you see that guy there? That's a good man getting better!" and what of a man's image would depict the opposite?
    If you found my asking a question due to curiosity as argumentative, I don't know what to tell you
    Edit: so I'm clear, I'm asking generally what those components of one's image are that portray a good man/tough-guy
    What if you're both?
    Do you wear a du-rag with your suit?
    Pants sagging but shirt still tucked in the back?
    Serious question though...
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    I would posit that seeing a man actively engaged in charitable endeavors or otherwise helping those in need would qualify...
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    I agree!
    - in reference to outwardly image- I have seen tattooed bearded grungy looking bikers with the leather cuts and all run charitable events for those less fortunate. Particularly I'm familiar with some that run a sort of toys for tots run with their mc.. Bearded tattooed faces so childlike and giddy with happiness to see children and the persons of the communities they serve (and continue to do so) be so grateful for what they do...

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