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Discussion in 'Masonic Education' started by Samuel Tucker, Mar 31, 2019.

  1. Samuel Tucker

    Samuel Tucker Registered User

    What's a good place to start reading to grow your Masonic education? I'm an eager EA
  2. Scoops

    Scoops Registered User

    I'm reading The Meaning Of Masonry by WL Wilmshurst, but I'd wait until you're a Master Mason before reading that.

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  3. Brother JC

    Brother JC Vigilant Staff Member

    As an EA you are limited. I assume you have memorization to do? Focus not only on the words but the event they describe. As you commit them to memory you will also be reliving the moment.
    Focus solely on your Degrees at this point of your Journey, you’ll have the rest of your Masonic career to study obscure texts.
  4. 613

    613 Registered User

    I agree!
    There's so much literature out there.
    But, as an EA, working on memorizing my PL really turned the corner when a brother actually took me into the Lodge and walked me through it in there. I understood better the memorization of the words, because I better understood the why and how. Then, on my own, the visualizing of the degree and understanding at least the order of events, was something that greatly helped.
    My advice is to focus on that for now. I'm sure the lot of us were so gung-ho, but quickly came to understand that Freemasonry is too big a Thing to just pick up overnight. I've always learned what I needed to learn at the time; any more would have overwhelmed or otherwise not made sense. I had to learn that Masonry is taught by degrees for a reason. Brother, especially as a new EA, no one's going to expect you to know something you don't know.
    And, yes, there is so much literature out there that requires much digging into, but you'll have all your days to go over that; for now take direction from your Lodge and focus on your proficiency.
    Much can be gleaned from books, but much more comes from experience in Lodge, and experience then in how you take what you've learned in Lodge and from your Brothers and apply it in your life.
    Focus on your EA.
    And, Welcome.
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  5. Glen Cook

    Glen Cook G A Cook Site Benefactor

  6. David612

    David612 Registered User

    Work at your proficiency, memorise and understand it as best you can, if so inclined read up on ritual magik and religious texts outside of your own.
    Research other organisations like the Golden Dawn and the OTO for example

    Leave the works of the higher degrees untill you get there, not because they are hard to find or anything but rather it ruins the surprise.

    Welcome to the fraternity Brother.
  7. coachn

    coachn Coach John S. Nagy Premium Member

    I wrote "Building Boaz" for EAs...
  8. Winter

    Winter Premium Member

    Freemasons for Dummies is not a bad place to start. It provides a brief overview of the history and organization of Freemasonry.

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  9. Warrior1256

    Warrior1256 Site Benefactor

    I agree with the above. IMHO right now you should be concentrating on your proficiency.

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