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    Victorian Mark Lodge No 47 is an English Constitution Mark founded on 25 May 1859. It operates in Melbourne Australia. Victoria Mark Lodge No 47 is the oldest operating Mark Lodge in the Southern Hemisphere, and the second oldest working outside England.

    Source - wild masonic claim from VWBro Kent Henderson.... Can you disprove it ?

    Can you supply a few lines of astounding Masonic Trivia ?
    (Sources are always good)
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    The Grand Lodge of New Jersey was formed by several Masons and not by several Lodges.

    Source: Grand Historian of NJ
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    The st. John lodge "Kosmos" founded in 1851 in Elsinore, was where the Swedish Rite was brought to Denmark in 1858, pushing aside The Rectified Rite, which had been with us since 1782 where it itself had pushed aside The rite of Strict Observance.

    My knowledge as a member of Kosmos. But if a Book is needed:
    The Concise History of Freemasonry, by Robert Freke Gould, republished by Kessinger Publishing, 1994
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