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  1. Txmason

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    Hi everyone!

    I just updated to the Apple iOS 5 for my iphone 4 and found that you can put twitter on your phone. I would like to use it to follow anything and everything Masonically related. I am not sure how to work twitter or whom or what to follow. I would graciously appreciate any and all help getting started and who or what to follow. is it worth using twitter? Is there a large Masonic twitter community?

    Bro. Jerry Johnston
  2. Brian Morton

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    Good evening, Twitter is good for extremely short statements or send links to websites or pics. I run most of the social network site for Army Lodge 1105 (shameless plug) and most people like Facebook and Google +. What I always tell the older guys is that you may not use these tools but the younger ones do. It's really easy you'll get the hang of it in no time. Brian
  3. Brent Heilman

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    There are 2 that I follow on Twitter. One is @masonicnetwork and the other is @TheFreemason. Neither one are very active on there and only tweet maybe once a week. However, on Facebook and Google+ you will find many, many more that will provide much more info. Twitter is only a 140 characters at a time so it is real hard to say much. On Facebook I keep up with a lot of different Lodges that some of my friends attend and also the GL of Oklahoma and Texas. I keep track of Bro. Chris Hodapp's blog through there also. There are also a few good podcasts that you can subscribe to for free through iTunes that I have really enjoyed. X-Oriente is a good one that is done by a Brother from Illinois, I believe, and his cover a large range of topics and vary in length of a about 15 minutes to a few that are almost an hour and half.
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    The Grand Lodge of Virginia has a twitter account, but they do not make any tweets. I will wager that in the future, many lodges and Grand Lodges and appendant bodies, will make use of twitter, to send short (140 character or less) messages.

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