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Masonic websites:

Travelling Man91

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Good looking website. Question : When you quote how many masons are in TN and the US are you only counting GL or PHA as well

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As far as the TN mason statistic it would not include PHA as The Grand Lodge of Tennessee does not recognize Prince Hall Lodges. I am not sure about the US statistic. All of the FAQS information was sent to me by a brother of my Lodge that wanted it to be included. I did notice a few changes that need to be updated on the site. Particularly with our dues and cost of the Three Degrees as they have changed for our Lodge. I can only assume that those statistics are not an exact number but merely an estimation.

Ben Poormokhtar

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The best one I found was
It has everything to help you design a website..

William R Teer Sr

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I thought you might like to know.


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I was in here looking something up.. and I know this is kinda necro posting, but I do like keeping info in one place...

It was also interesting to see how many of those web sites are dead - no doubt an enthusiasm for a time, but not sustained.. Ours is still going after 15 years but is not ranking like it used to but has just become mobile friendly.

One site which is great and enduring (besides of course !) is ...

Pietre Stones review of Freemasonry

It has been going for 25 years (so the footer says) but been around as long as I can remember.. it looks a bit clunky but has some great articles on it. It taught me a lot...


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I love PSR and have used that site for pretty much the entirely of my 23 years in the Craft. It is a wonderful repository of information.

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