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Meaningful Symbol???


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What a wonderful and impossibly difficult question to answer!!! Right at this moment, I would have to say it is the word "Light."

Mackey's Encyclopedia is certainly not the best reference for factual information about Masonic history, but it is a very good resource when exploring what used to be common understandings among Masonic scholars about the meaning of Masonic ritual and symbolism. As that text's first three sentences in the entry on "Light," we find the following:

It conveys a far more recondite meaning than it is believed to possess by the generality of readers. It is in fact the first of all the symbols presented to the neophyte, and continues to be presented to him in various modifications throughout all his future progress in his Masonic career. It does not simply mean, as might be supposed, truth or wisdom, but it contains within itself a far more abstruse allusion to the very essence of Speculative Freemasonry, and embraces within its capacious signification all the other symbols of the Order.


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Gooo! This is making my brain hurt I have erased 2 answers and am almost poised to not answer the durn thing.

My first ah-hah moment happed with the point within the cirlce and has always been near and dear to me as it was kinda the key that unlocked the door for me. I was a complete neophyte when I joined not just the half breed I am now but the symbols meant nothing to me nor did I have the desire to look into them untill I realized I knew that the point within the circle was Egyptian. Knowing it was so old I wanted to know more and thus the fire began and I have never looked back reading and learing more than I have ever before in my life sparked in a way from the point within the circle.


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Thought this was a great question to bring back for a rerun. Frankly I don't know what to answer with.
But aside from the Great Light I'll go with the square. Because before I square my actions I must think how to apply that which I've learned. Wisdom knowledge and understanding all coming together for an ordered or square life before others. Course this could be said because I'm walking uprightly and thus brings me to another point of a plumbed life and that is why it's so doggone hard to pick just one.


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The triangle. FC degree reception. Man's relationship with the G.O.A.T. and his fellow man.


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Point within a circle is one of my new favorites after reading "Building Hiram." It really made sense to me when compared to a certain part of the degree when the candidate is brought to light, but I had no idea it was Egyptian. Now another layer will have to be researched. My real favorite is the numbers 357. They cover so many different meanings and have numerous applications. I'm sure I've only begun to learn what they all mean.

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Indeed what an incredibly hard question to answer. I, like many others, have thought of many things. The first thing that popped into my mind was the Square. I grew up with no father due to my parents getting divorced when I was very young. So my mentor, father figure, and biggest influence in my life was my grandfather. He was a minister for over 50 years and it was his ideals that I learned as a child. I have always tried to be someone he would be proud of. I have tried hard over the years to be the kind of person he was. The Square to me is the one symbol that most closely represents the philosophy he lived by. My sincere hope is that by living by the Square of virtue and morality I can be more like he was and continue to shape this rough ashlar into a more perfect one.


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What a great question . I want to say the Common Gavel because before I became a Freemason I was hot tempered , I angered easily and could get very mean and nasty when pushed . It was one of my biggest downfalls . I have broke off that corner of rough stone and have learned to control my temper . Now I am as easy going as they come , The wife says I am to easy going now .

But I also want to say the Trowel . I have spread the cement of brotherly love which has united me with men I would have never had the chance to know in the world because of our different stations in life . My wife , family and non-Mason friends are always amazed when we are out and very important men in the community ( be it because of wealth or their professions such as judges , police chief , political big wigs etc; etc; ) will see me and walk up to me with a smile on their faces , slap me on the back , a shake of our hands and chat as if we are the best of friends .
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