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    While taking some Blender courses on Udemy to up my 3D modeling skills, I happened to notice a course on Medieval Alchemy that piqued my interest. I have half a dozen books on the metaphysical aspects of alchemy and its relation to Freemasonry and just the mention will bring the usual suspects out of the woodwork with grandiose sounding unintelligible postings. But this course offers what appears to be a much more grounded foundational basics course on the history and practical aspects of the discipline. According to the course, it teaches:
    • Introduction to History of Alchemy
    • Knowledge of the Theory and Beginnings of the Art of Alchemy
    • Relationship between Astrology and Alchemy
    • Laboratory Alchemy : Early Chemistry
    • Practice and knowledge of Alchemical Processes
    • Herbal Alchemy
    • How Fire and Water Related to Alchemy
    It happened to be on sale for $13 (full price is $25) so I decided to pick it up. It is a short course, only 3 hours of lectures, which seems perfect for an introductory course. Check it out here:
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