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Discussion in 'General Freemasonry Discussion' started by Blake Bowden, Mar 17, 2013.

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    How much of this is due in part to either death or our struggling economy?
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    In addition to some of the dated though patterns of those in charge of both the PHA and Mainstream lodges we have seen a SIGNIFICANT increase in dues. My Blue Lodge dues are now equal to my Commandery dues! They have literally doubled since I was raised 7 years ago and will continue to go up as we shed membership. Dues go up and we lose members, so due must go up again to cover the loss.. and we lose more members as a result... horrible pattern to get caught in. To cover the shortfall the GL must start leveraging our image as a community supporter to generate income.

    Reduce the dues, open up visitation between PHA and Mainstream lodges, and increase our community presence.
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    Something to think about....... When looking at a Local (maybe National) Masonic/Shriner websites the pictures that are depicted are of "senior" brethren. Why not try to show more of our "younger" brethren? Many times thru the years I've been told that it was thought that Masons were for only the "older" generation. When seeing pics of officers..... What is the average age in the pics? When looking within your own lodge... How many "officer chairs" have persons that are 25+ - 40yrs of age? Many times we say need young Masons, but what do we show in books, newspapers & websites? Just something to ponder.... IMHO.
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    This is a real good point Plustax. I think the issue might be that most of the younger Brothers are not very active due to family and work obligations. Then as they age some of those obligations wane. Kids don't have to be hauled around to sports etc... Just my 2 cents
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    Also, a lot younger potential brothers that I have come across have literally no idea what Freemasonry is at all. They saw something on History Channel and think we know where they aliens are or we are the Illuminati, stupid...
  8. Plustax

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    My point exactly. IF more Lodges that did have "younger" masons would use them in web site pics, booklets, flyers, etc.... Then this just might help in attracting younger mason "candidates". By showing only "elder/senior" masons, this keeps the perception (by many... Not all.... Many) that the Lodge is for older people. By senior officers staying in positions & not letting younger persons sit in... Those that attend lodge as "members"... percieve that they could never hold those positions until they get older. Again.... Just trying to think of ways to attract "younger" persons in to masonry or lodge positions.
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    I've gone on this rant before, so I'll keep it short, but this really is one of the biggest problems are fraternity if facing. I'm recently graduated from college (25 years old) and was in two fraternities during my time there. Even amongst my fraternity brothers, I would wager that half of them didn't know what Freemasonry is or is about. That's among FRATERNITY members. Among my non frat friends, most of them had literally never even heard of Freemasonry.

    The bottom line is all lodges need more community presence. We need to have picnics, BBQs, raffles, booths at fairs, open houses, etc, etc as much as possible. And in my experience as a Mason thus far, its the older brothers who don't want to 'mess with the hassle' of these publics events for one reason or another. But you know what? A man won't petition an organization he doesn't know exists.
  10. Plustax

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    Yup...... What he says....... Remember also...... "First Impression...... Lasting Impression.."

  11. jvarnell

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    There are many moving parts to a Fraternity that can cause it to loose or gain members. A cause is the bigest I don't think very many people understand the cause. To keep people eyes on a cause you have to have a common goal or enemy. This is how the polititions of today do it they have a common enemy. (Guns, Tea Party.....) If we are to keep intrest we need some shot term goals for each lodge and each grand lodge. The goal should not be an outcome like making good men better. It should be how to make good men better. The lodge goal has to have a part that uses interest of the member to get them togther and then the making good men better will happen. I think if you would look at the numbers that you will see in the USA Masons increase as a precentage of population when the USA has a common enomy. (British, WWI, WWII but noting after that) After WWI the enomy changed where it was not clear and in order to best work togther masons lost the common enomy.

    This is my theroy and hypostasis and I have not gone through any other steps to prove or disprove it. On this message board I beleive all threads are really one and one is really all they all effect each other to make us think.
  12. widows son

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    Plustax, great points. We need to remember though that throughout the history of Freemasonry there has always been ebbs and flows of membership influx. There are lodges in Britain that have minutes going back centuries and they always show this wave of high influx then a decrease, then back up again. So I wouldn't really say there is a big problem. Im sure we're just the middle of this wave pattern. Also, in my district there's almost a degree happening every in every lodge, during a regular meeting, not to mention the emergent meetings to hold degrees when there is a DDGM visit or something else happening at the lodge during a regular meeting. High population center are a factor. If you live in a big city, your lodge probably has a higher membership list and more candidates coming through, rather than a rural area with a small population, and with a relatively less economic presences would lead to less members.
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    Que? I'm with you on the latter 2 points, but reduce dues?
    Like it or not, the rent has to get paid and the power bill has to be paid. If we don't increase dues, how are we going to pay our bills? Rely on the community to buy a BBQ plate a couple of times a year? We need to take care of our own needs and make sure our bills are paid without relying on outside 'assistance'.
  14. Bro. Stewart P.M.

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    I think that the boys are on to something here. We do need more FaceTime. There are a lot of folks out there who have no clue what the Fraternity is all about, other than the "shock and awe" of the History Channel programming.

    Maybe we need a PSA or two!?! The rise in dues cost is not the problem, it's the age of the membership not just in Texas, but the Nation.

    Just my 2-Cents!

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